Organic Waste = Organic Food

Watch it happen. Take a look inside the Garden TowerŪ and learn how to grow more nutritious food in less space by watching the video below!


The Garden TowerŪ 2 has a low maintenance continuous vermicompost column. The soil surrounding the column provides steady moisture and temperature for a resilient worm habitat. In 9 months of use a Garden TowerŪ 2 can recycle >50 gallons of organic kitchen scraps, turning nutrient rich organic waste into organic food!

As simple as...
Add compostable kitchen scraps
Add composting worms

Nutrient Distribution

Nutrients actively move through the GT2 in three different ways:



night crawlers move through the entire tower from top to bottom leaving deposits along the way.



with every watering available nutrients are moved from root zone for increased uptake.



plant roots reach the decaying compost in just a few weeks and absorb vermicompost nutrients.

Use Your Compost

Between harvest & replanting, the finished compost and compost tea is easily removed from the controlled compost release gate and returned to the soil in your garden towerŪ.

Garden TowerŪ

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Explore the Garden Tower

Explore the Garden TowerŪ 2

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  • The Garden TowerŪ 2 holds 5.5 cubic feet of potting soil for immense root support. Watch Video
  • Central perforated composting column is directly accessed by plant roots for organic nutrition. Watch Video
  • Heavy duty injection molded stacking Planting Rings support up to 1,000 lbs (see video!). Watch Video
  • 50 large, curved planting pockets for easy planting, fast root removal, and no stem abrasion. Watch Video
  • Unparalleled nutrient access for the most nutritious, organic harvest — Watch the video to learn how: Watch Video
  • Proudly made in the UK, 100% Food Grade UK UV stable HDPE plastic for true organic growing, 5-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Enhanced nutrient & air distribution: The patented GT2 vermicomposting tube features 265% more openings for greater access by plant roots and compost oxygenation.
  • It rotates! 360 degree rotation made possible by a robust integrated bearing track = optimized sun exposure and better plant access in tight spaces.
  • Wide, heavy, reinforced, anchor able feet attach the tower securely to a rooftop, etc. The available Premium Caster Kit allows the Garden TowerŪ to be frequently moved.
  • Removable compost/nutrient tea drawer collects 2 gallons of nutrient enriched water for another pass by plant roots.
  • Compost release gate allows for seasonal removal of finished compost & provides for aeration of the vermicompost from below.

How the Garden TowerŪ grows more nutritious food in less space

  • In moderate climates water from the top 4-6 gallons 3x per week during peak summer growth, and 1-2x per week during spring & fall. Water once a month in the winter to maintain soil structure.
  • Every time the Garden TowerŪ is watered, available (soluble) nutrients are moved from root zone to root zone as the water moves through the connected soil levels. Nutrient uptake is increased for faster growing, more nutritious plants.
  • Add compostable non-meat kitchen scraps and "browns" (shredded paper, etc) from your kitchen to the compost tube.
  • Internal horizontal shelves entirely prevent potting soil compaction and aid in absorption of water back into the soil. This helps extend the life of most potting soils to several years.
  • In a raised-bed or typical container, >90% of available nutrition is lost below the root zone. The Garden TowerŪ recovers these nutrients and optimizes delivery to the plant roots for hydroponic-like growth rates.
  • Red worms eat the kitchen compost as soon as it begins to decay. Red worms stay near the fresh compost and are protected from dryness, excess moisture, heat and cold by the surrounding soil.
    This stable red worm habitat is why the Garden TowerŪ is much easier to maintain than typical vermicompost bin or bag systems.
  • If introduced, night crawler worms travel throughout the layers of rich compost and the potting soil helping to transport nutrients and create pathways for maximum soil and compost aeration.
  • Plant roots DIRECTLY ACCESS the compost column for natural nutrition.
    This concept is everywhere in nature but unique to the Garden TowerŪ container gardening system.
  • If introduced, night crawler worms travel throughout the layers of rich compost and the potting soil helping to transport nutrients and create pathways for maximum soil and compost aeration.
  • Dark, rich finished compost can be removed from below every 90 days during the growing seasons. Kitchen scraps are reduced in volume by 10-20x.
  • The compost gate is fully perforated to maximized air entry into the compost from below. The gate slides out allowing the compost to drop into the drawer for removal.
  • The 2 gallon drawer captures all water or "nutrient leachate" that exits the potting soil for reuse. This leachate or "nutrient tea" has been analyzed and contains a balance of essential nutrients for plants.
Grows more nutritious food in less space

So, how exactly does it work again?

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